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Paso Fino Northeast Association offers you the opportunity to share your love of Paso Finos and to increase your skill level and knowledge of the breed. Whether your passion is showing, trail riding, rescue, events, or just spending time with your horse, the Paso Fino Northeast Association provides a community of hobbiests and professionals for enjoyment and learning. All are welcome!


Paso Fino: Naturally Gaited for a Smooth Ride

The Paso Fino is a known for its natural, smooth, 4-beat, lateral gait. These elegant horses are decendents of the Spanish Barbs, Spanish Jennet, and Andalucians imported to the Americas over 500 years ago. The Paso Fino gait is performed at 3 speeds:


The Classic Fino gait is fully collected with very rapid footfall and slow forward motion. 

The Paso Corto gait is moderately collected, with medium extension and ground-covering forward motion.

The Paso Largo gait is the fastest of these gaits with little to moderate collection, and rapid ground-covering motion.


In addition to these specialized gaits, the Paso Fino also execute the walk, and canter making for great versatility.

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